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How to make a glob to match only files

I’m trying to create a bash script that will collect all files containing a date, and count them.
I have tried the following script:

ls –ext=tar -R > log.txt


for file in `find -type f`
if [ `grep $date_pattern $file` ];
echo “Number of files with $date_pattern is $($(stat -c %y * | wc -l))”

I’m new to bash scripting and I’m having some issues with using glob.
The script above outputs a huge number of lines, more than 10,000.
My issue is that the date_pattern matches many files, including directories, and I only need it to match files.
What would be the best way to do this? I want to match a specific date pattern, but only on files


ls | grep -qF would do the job here
ls –ext=tar | grep -qF $date_pattern


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