World’s First Marketer to Respond to 50,000 Instagram DMs

The 24-year-old American internet celebrity entrepreneur Josh King Madrid is the world’s first person to test chatbot marketing utilizing Instagram DM automation. In 21 days, the campaign generated millions in sales

Josh King Madrid, the founder of, is the world’s first marketer to make the most of chatbots using Instagram DM automation.
In 2019, Josh was pitched to on-board as the primary user for a prototype software utilizing chatbots with keywords and hashtags on Instagram to build a list and encourage choose-ins by the software founder who first initially launched Josh to digital marketing in 2016
Originally from a small town called Menifee, he moved to Irvine to attend UCI until he dropped out to concentrate on creating content and generating leads on social media to sell products and services online.
In 2017, Josh King Madrid dropped out of faculty after only 4 months at the University of California Irvine. He earned $27,000 that month. Just 6 months prior, he was sleeping on his dad and mom’ sofa, researching if those ads talking about earning cash on-line were actually “real,” and if they were, would it be attainable for him?

“I remember I joined a Facebook group for digital marketers, and within 5 minutes of joining, I acquired a Facebook Messenger notification. Some man named Jeff said, “What’s up, man?” I didn’t respond, however he may see that I read it though. Five minutes later, he said, “Welcome to the group, man. I joined not too long ago too. Let me know when you have any questions on digital marketing.”

On the time, 18-12 months-old Josh did, the truth is, have many questions about the idea of building a business on-line using social media. And only half-hour later, Josh decided to spend money on his first online marketing tool. It was On-line Sales Pro, a sales funnel and lead generation device with a mobile app. Josh says, “If it weren’t for the corporate being on the app store, I’d have by no means believed it was real.”

It value him $297 of his last $305 dollars to get started. He started looking for blogs, videos, and tales of different successful marketers using this app on social media to turn out to be successful. Throughout his first month, he worked 14-hour days and made a life-changing $eighty as a university student who glided by the pseudonym “JetSet” online. Six months later, he had hit his first $eight,000 day, earning over $27,000 in December 2016. That’s when he determined it was time to drop out.

At 18 years old, he moved into a four-bedroom penthouse for about $4,000 a month near the college campus and rented out his old dorm room to someone in his fraternity Sigma Pi for $800 monthly. Over the next few years, Josh kept re-investing his profits into growing his personal brand on Instagram by tens of thousands of followers a month.

It was December 2018, and Josh was planning a 750-individual business conference he was hosting in Las Vegas in just under a hundred days. He lined up forty well-known business specialists as speakers and worked on his sales funnel daily. Josh says, “I anticipated I’d have a quick sell-out as soon as I launched my funnel, however nobody purchased, even with asserting trade-well-known speakers, only 50 people bought tickets, and there have been only forty five days left till my conference.” A week later, Josh bought a call. It was Jeff, his old Facebook friend, who introduced him to digital marketing in 2016, and he needed to make a deal. By this time, Josh was not interested in hearing a sales pitch. He wasn’t the digital marketing newbie that Jeff as soon as knew—he was receiving over 1,000 Instagram DMs a day from his fans and followers. Josh had grow to be a highly sought out internet celebrity entrepreneur known as “JetSet” within the digital marketing space.

Jeff did not know it on the time, but he had the leverage because JetSet had one problem, he was six figures within the gap for his convention and still wanted to sell seven-hundred more tickets—up to now, he had struggled to even sell 50.

Jeff offered JetSet a deal to turn into the world’s first-ever beta-tester for his soon-to-be-launched chatbot software for only $2,000 down, just sufficient to cover his development cost.

Josh liked the concept, but he was nervous he may break his Instagram. Nobody on the planet had ever marketed with an Instagram DM chatbot earlier than, and Jeff had only tested it with his own account to send 50–70 messages a day on his personal account with a couple of thousand followers. JetSet had over 320,000 followers, but at this point, being this close to the occasion, he was willing to attempt anything.

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