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Cute boys and girls with a brave heart gather in the Lands Between, where their fate lies in wait.
Your profession of choice is one of the professions of the Hunter, Knight, Wizard, and Ranger. You are able to choose which of the four realms you live in, and the character level in which you appear.
There are a variety of battles waiting for you in the Lands Between, and by fighting alongside your friends you can grow stronger.
A Hero Appears!
You have been chosen by an Elder Goddess!  Let’s go into the Lands Between, hunt monsters, and meet the Hero of the Elden Ring together!
Chosen by the Elder Goddess  Come and return in your own flesh, and get your very own Guardian, Apprentice, and Companion!
♪ The Hunter’s New Experience
– The Hunter’s most powerful weapon is the Noble Bow.
– Durable bows that summon Bowbeasts to lay waste to the Lands Between.
– Super powerful bowbeasts that are the key to victory for the Hunter.
– A variety of bowbeasts to choose from.
– Various bowbeasts are received when you raise your proficiency in hunting.
– A variety of bowbeasts can be received from defeating monsters.
– You can raise your Hunter’s skill by accumulating the ingredients of herbs and stones by gathering Bowbeasts.
– You can easily increase your proficiency in hunting by using a variety of techniques.
– Equip your chosen Bowbeast to be at your side.
– Enhance your Noble Bow and hunt monsters.
– Experience a new world with the game mechanics enhanced by the use of ranged weapons.
– Powerful bowbeasts and stronger bow enhancements for the Hunter.
– Boss monsters that summon powerful Bowbeasts will appear.
– Rise in rank by defeating powerful monsters.
New Skills, Traps, and Abilities!
– New Skills
– New Traps
– New Abilities
– New Ranks and PvP Battle Masters
# # #
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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The worlds you explore are vast and dynamic.
  • Seamlessly connected to other players in open-world online play.
  • As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats awaits you.
  • Customize your character and your class.
  • Create your own story and world by faithfully condensing the beloved original story.

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    As you play, the story will unfold through the eyes of the three main characters, each with their own storylines. By connecting these stories, you can see a glimpse of the past and the future.

    – The character design and fighting balance are all excellent.

    – The music is overall really good. The game will get your heart racing at times, especially if you really see the characters get through tough situations.

    – The overall design of the game world is really good, allowing for a grand adventure.

    – All three of the main characters are really good, and you can tell they can all grow. They also have quite a bit of personality.

    – The ending scenario is thrilling. The game will leave you shocked, and it all depends on your own choices.

    About Us: “Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.” (hereinafter “NIS America, Inc.”) is a Japanese video game publisher and developer based out of Seattle, WA. Our primary business is publishing and distributing localized versions of Japanese development studios’ titles for the North American video game market.

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    As an avatar belonging to the Clan of the Elden Ring, you must rise to become an Elden Lord. However, you are not the only one. You are to be the leader of the clan, and as such, the clans of the Elden Ring are waiting for you.

    It is said that the Elden Ring exists to keep the balance in the Lands Between. However, the gods are corrupted, and they no longer bow their heads before the Great Elden Lord. The Elden Ring exists to keep the balance of power between the gods and the Elden Lord.

    Game Features

    ■ Action RPG
    The action RPG genre is back, and it’s more exciting than ever!
    ■ Free 2-D movement
    Freely move on a 2D plane using the new “Action RPG System”.
    ■ Customize characters
    In addition to customizing the character’s appearance, you can freely change the “Weapons”, “Armors”, and “Magic” that you equip. The Hero can be easily customized according to your play style.
    ■ Great Graphics
    A vibrant and detailed 2D graphics which combines with the fast movement and high-speed attacks.
    ■ Large, Challenging Areas
    A large world where the scenery is continuously changing. A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.
    ■ Fast Battles against Strong Enemies
    Battles feature a variety of enemies with high strength, and you will deal a great amount of damage.
    ■ Revamped elements of the battle
    Players will gain extra EXP by defeating enemies while traveling, and by clearing map items.
    ■ The story continues in the Lands Between
    An ongoing story in which you play as an avatar belonging to a clan from the Lands Between, and where the various thoughts of the characters intersect.
    ■ Multiplayer
    Online matches will allow you to meet other players in the midst of battles.
    Chris Lowery: On Coaching – visakanv

    Life is too short to read and react to the nonsense in the national media.
    Chris’s reaction is spot on.

    I’m so glad he’s going back to school, he’s got great potential to create a
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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Elden Ring: Heroes of the Lands Between is set for release worldwide on April 10th, 2017.

    For more information about RIFT®, visit .

    For more information about Aion®, visit .

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    the game has been released on Xbox and will be on PC soonhttps://wakelet.com/wake/x8xjGCV71EeesogLQnMAG

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