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From the legendary tale of Lord of the Rings comes “The Elden Ring Game,” a fantasy action RPG by From the legendary tale of Lord of the Rings comes “The Elden Ring Game,” a fantasy action RPG by Namco Bandai. Developed using the newly established Action RPG Studio that combines the Action RPG and RPG action elements,the game allows you to enjoy an epic fantasy drama by combining the unique concepts of the classic Action RPG and RPG actions.


Play as an Elden Lord
Elden is a character who is not just a knight but also a magician, and his place is the Lands Between. The Lands Between is a place full of mystery, and a large amount of people have already passed through it. While wandering in it, you’ll witness how the three major races “the Elden,” “the Dorcheen,” and “the Witan” interact with each other.


In a world between reality and magic, where there is only one truth, a drama unfolded between great figures of the past. This is a game that uses the epic story of the Middle-earth Middle-earth legend to tell a tale of magic and become an Elden Lord. It is a story of three people who each hold power in the Lands Between; Durath, who is a strong and pure-hearted magician, Greth who holds great power, and Elden who is a strong knight, who possesses a great and all-powerful sword in the Lands Between.

How do you talk to the legend of the legendary legend? The legend of the legend!

Action RPG
You can enjoy various action elements and enjoy your own combat with difficult, yet exhilarating fighting games. In addition to the status-based action, you can enjoy an exciting Action RPG battle with your party by changing the battle formation.

Action RPG battle
You can enjoy the Action RPG battle action by changing the formation of your party.

RPG action battle system
You can enjoy RPG battle action by changing the formation of your party.

Encounter and story progression
While taking an action to defeat your foes, you can also discover a variety of items that


Features Key:

  • Control
    • Destroy the Shorter Wall to move forward in the same direction as
      the longer wall.

    • Straighten the longer wall to move in a different direction from
      the shorter wall.

    • Resize the longer wall to focus your energy and set up an evil
      room that deals heavy damage.
  • Magic
    • Wield a variety of magic to defeat monsters and man-eating plants,
      and set up a powerful defense to protect yourself from their attacks.
      * “Turn Fire” can be activated by either right clicking on a
      flower or by pressing the down button on the touch interface.
  • Decoration
    • Attach a variety of items to the walls or stand decorations to
      decorate your office; items and decorations that have been attached
      can be removed, rearranged, or used as accessories.

    • You can equip only one kind of item for now.
  • Equipment
    • Equip various weapons, armor, and accessories for your character.
      Your character will change in accordance with the items you use!

    • You can equip only one kind of item for now.
  • Regeneration
    • Your character’s magic power is gradually regenerated, and also
      your character’s HP and MP is fully recovered once the magic power
      reaches 100.
  • Experience
    • Gain Experience Points when defeating monsters, and trigger an
      interesting event when you reach a certain experience level.

    • Immediately gain Experience Points when you hire adventurers.
    • You can set the amount of experience needed to unlock a new
      “Elegant Wall” as 0, 100, or 200; the level of the wall that you set is

    • There are a limited number of types of adventurers, and they are
      all unlocked from the “Brave Men and Elegant Walls” camp.

    • You can acquire a new faction as a reward in these quests.
    • Defeat enemies with a high Fame Level to improve


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      Graphical Design:

      RPG elements that become alive and get more exciting thanks to the unique graphics and impressive gameplay.

      Read about it at Incendio:


      A new fantasy RPG that breaks the conventional standards in a different way. High-quality animation, a rich story, and an interesting world with unique game mechanics make up for the limited content and difficult difficulty.

      Detailed Play-by-Play:

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      Elden Ring [32|64bit]

      Fully redesigned action RPG with a flexible combat system

      In addition to the typical, core of 2vs2, 1vs1 and 5vs5, we have added new rules. As a result of this change, it should be possible to play the game in the similar way as in PUBG.
      What are the new rules of the game?
      1. The rules can be changed by the server. (There are frequently updated rules according to the game situation.)
      2. There is no one who can stop you from changing the rules.
      3. Players’ rules (excluding the assigned rules) are restricted.
      4. You can change your assigned rules during the game.
      What are the important notes about the rules?
      As a result of adding the new rules and game style, it is possible that some of the rules in the game are not active.
      For example, you cannot attack while moving, and you cannot use items while under the effects of spells.
      You can play an action by using the item that you hold.
      However, the effect of temporary character control is restricted for the character who controls the item.
      1. We recommend that you do not constantly change the rules during the game, but change them when you believe that it is necessary.
      2. Your assigned rules for 2vs2, 1vs1, and 5vs5 are fixed. (You can change the class of your character during the game.)
      3. When the server becomes unstable, certain rules (in other words, restrictions) may be added or removed.
      4. If the result of the match becomes unsuitable by adding or removing rules, the game will be ended by the server.
      (This applies when the result is inappropriate and does not affect the character of the player who requests the change.)
      Your opinion
      As a suggestion, please note the following in advance.
      1. Game status
      2. Action in the game
      3. Changes to rules
      4. Timing of changes
      5. Effect of changes to rules
      6. The order of addition and removal of rules
      Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
      Good Luck!

      Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
      • A Vast World Full of Exc


      What’s new:

      Free to Play RPG developed by Gust in Japan with a Western Localization by Madmind Studio.


      Empire Rising is a generic 2d RPG inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and Advance Wars.
      I’ve been working on it off-and-on for a number of years and will be releasing the source code for the game’s development on Github.

      Steam Announcement

      I’ve finally gotten around to realizing the Android port for the game. I’ll be releasing the project as standalone APK for XDA in the next week or so.

      Killian marching in the absolute best way possible

      While we are not planning on a formal release, I will be supporting the game with autosaves, and changing the difficulty in response to the player. The amount of effort that would require for me to do anything else was not worth the finite resources that I have allocated to the game, so for the most part, I won’t be updating bugs to be more than that (in general). 

      With that said, let’s jump right into a list of things that we’re attempting to make broken for people:

      !$120 Million: I’d like


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      I am aware of the usage of a Random(ICollection) extension method, but I don’t think this would be the correct approach, since I am trying to make my class random too.
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      Something like this should do:
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      You’ll need to call that overload, not the non-generic one, if you want to randomly choose between 2 or more different sequences:
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    iTunes is the App Store for iOS.

    Paragon is a leading European global publisher and also one of the world’s best RPG developers.

    The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG set on a grand scale. Players will create a new character and navigate a vast, interconnected world as they gather the heroes of the Elden Order, fight foes in turn-based tactical battles, and explore massive landscapes on quests across a sprawling sandbox world.

    Those who survive the journey will forge new legends, group up, and explore new Frontiers, where they’ll cross paths with other survivors from past events. Together, they’ll discover a vast world full of exciting adventures and unique characters. Dive deep into epic battles and directly connect to other online players. You’ll grow your own legend as you fight to survive on the Frontier, as well as in the grand world of the Elden Ring. Support: upload to your 2nd iOS device in the Cloud using an Icloud account

    This app is free to download and free to play. A menu of additional content packs will be made available for purchase as downloadable content in-game.
    Battle alongside your friends on the battlefield in an action-packed hack’n’slash adventure set in a 1.5D fantasy world where you fight brave heroes using only a weapon, a shield, the environment, and your own cunning.

    A solo game with team options is also available and can be played either using real or virtual weapons, shields, or potions. Summon or form a party in real-time in your personal tactical arena or come with an ally to a shared world where you and your friends can battle together and form stronger teams.

    Relentlessly explore an expansive ecosystem with an ornate cityscape, a giant rainbow constricted by dry steppes, forests, and open plains. Each area of the game offers a diverse



    System Requirements:

    PC (Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8)
    1.1 GHz Processor
    512 MB RAM
    4 GB available hard drive space
    Mac (Mac OS 10.4.1 or later)
    2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
    Android (tablets only)
    2.3 GHz Processor
    Windows Phone 7
    1 GHz Processor
    5 GB available storage


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