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The Elden Ring Online features new, dynamic content with an all new, rebuilt world and new sub-quests.
A mysterious guild appears, offers quests for you to help them become stronger and asks you to help fight against a new boss in the new, rebuilt Raid Battles.
New Raid Battles are leveled up and special quests are provided to you as rewards for defeating enemies.
The new Raid Battles feature special attacks and unique effects so be sure to try them out and see for yourself.
The new Raid Battles occur in real-time, so be sure to join in and help others defeat the raid boss and earn Raid Battle Coins.
Special quests include the new Raid Battle Quests and new Sugar Quests, where you help other players who have fallen ill.
Quests are graded based on the amount of time you have spent. As you progress you will be able to proceed to the next floor. The higher the grade, the more rewards you can receive.
New weapons and accessories are provided to you as rewards for completing Raid Battle quests.
The Map is also expanded with new areas and features, and by completing quests and defeating enemies, you can earn additional rewards.
Guild Quests and the Guild Quest Period will be expanded based on your progression.
Guilds will be brought to life with new effects that are unique to them.

While the Lands Between are known to be peaceful, the existence of a guild with a sinister goal threatens the peace.
To keep the peace and to defend the Lands Between, a Goddess who wields the power of the Elden Ring, Alicia, is called to the lands.
While Alicia is on the move, I personally appeared before the Goddess to give her a blessing. I have never even met the Goddess personally, but by doing so I also receive a unique blessing.
Longing for the understanding of the Lands Between and the desire to obtain the power of the Elden Ring, please welcome me, the hero who plays Tarnished.


A New Myth is Born.
It is a land of immense joy and danger, beauty and horror, and the deep blue sky.
The lands between the land of Elden and the land of Lyria are less violent, filled with a variety of scenery and people.
Although the history of the other lands is still unknown to the people of Elden, the Lands Between are peaceful and serene.


Features Key:

  • An expansive and detailed world that provides limitless entertainment.
  • A storyline that has a number of elements to experience again and again.
  • Hand-drawn and beautiful illustrations that complement the story and look.
  • Elden Ring Key features:

    • Dynamic battles and countless opportunities to fight.
    • Highly engaging dungeons and quests that challenge the edge of your ability.
    • A variety of hours-long gameplay.
    • A game for experienced players and amateurs alike.

    Elden Ring Key features:

    • A high-quality, authentic action RPG for mobile devices.
    • Action RPG gameplay with unique, hand-drawn graphics.
    • Completely free-to-play without a paywall.
    • Real-time PvP combat with truly competitive servers.

    Elden Ring - The New Fantasy Action RPG

    Elden Ring – The New Fantasy Action RPG – Rarity ———————————————————————–

    Media Information

    • Action RPG:RPG The story of a drama born from a myth, a vast world in which a fantasy action RPG:RPG game can be enjoyed freely.


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      The game can be played either using mouse and keyboard or a controller such as the PS4 controller, the game provides an option to switch between the two.

      For some options such as pausing and changing the resolution, it’s not possible to use a controller.

      Weapon Attacks:

      Able to equip weapons and armor, and the equipment can be changed freely.

      The attack pattern varies depending on the weapon’s mechanics, and it’s possible to change between various attack patterns at will.

      For instance, certain weapons have different attack patterns with different attack commands.

      In addition to the common commands, you can also check the state of the enemy you’re attacking, like if they’re injured or dead.

      The speed and accuracy of attacks depend on the player’s level.

      As an example, a sword-equipped character’s sword attacks will be more efficient in higher levels.

      In areas with many monsters, the accuracy is low, so you’ll need to put more attention to your timing.

      In areas with many monsters, attack commands and their effects are reflected on the enemy. In other words, if you attack the enemy and are hit by their attack as well, you’ll get hit by it as well. The effects also increase the damage.

      Magic Attacks:

      The attack speed is fast, and the efficiency will be affected by the level of the spell used.

      As for the damage, your spells are increased by leveling up and by using powerful spells. In addition, if you use spells with wands or rods, you’ll have better accuracy and effects. If you use weaker spells, you’ll not have that advantage.

      The effects of spells can increase by equipping certain items that grant additional effects to spells.


      Weapons and armor can be customized according to your play style. This gives you the freedom to change your preference on the fly and try out different things.

      The strength of the attack varies according to the weapon or armor equipped.

      Equipment you can equip can be customized according to your play style as well. It’s possible to equip bows and such that create the effect of a barrage of attacks.

      With the timing and accuracy you set, the attack pattern will be different according to the weapon or armor equipped.

      Gameplay for equipment customization:


      What’s new:

      The Story… – The Official Trailer

      The story unfolds with Ryu Hyabusa, the “Hero of Swords” who has been expelled from the Shinigami Academy by the Law of the Sword. Forced to answer the reckless preaching of the Elden Ring in the Lands Between, Ryu is rendered powerless. Our heroes have lost sight of their purpose. However, in addition to the strong bonds between themselves, they find a fleeting hope in the people who are called “Unnamed Ones.”…

      Is this the end…?

      YOJIMBO WIZARD is the successor to Yojimbo 2.5, a new RPG that combines traditional Japanese RPG elements with a number of unique elements.
      The game is set in a mysterious fantasy world called Lands Between, where monsters and humans coexist. You play as a young man named Saitama, who has no memories of his childhood, and you proceed to encounter monsters in the Land of Grass and the city of Land of Fire in the hopes of finding a way to restore your memory. In the world of the Lands Between there are a total of three dimensions. They are the Gradual Dimension (Lands Between), the Continuous Dimension (Lands Between) and the Dimension of Time (Time Spheres).

      YOJIMBO WIZARD features the following content:
      – Straightforward and easy battles. How cute are these cute/cursed/sneaky monsters?
      – Co-op campaigns
      – Advanced artificial intelligence
      – Game system that allows players to freely create their own character.

      To download the Trial Version of YOJIMBO WIZARD, please follow the instructions below:

      – The Welcome Guide ( )

      – The ROM Installation Guide (


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit)
    1.5 GHz Dual-Core Processor or faster
    1GB RAM
    1366×768 display resolution
    DirectX 11 video graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 9 Series or ATI Radeon HD 5000 Series or better)
    DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    Windows Game Installer
    10 MB of free hard drive space
    Java Runtime Environment
    Processor: GMA 3150 | RAM: 512 MB | Video: 256 MB
    Internet Connection (broadband) | CD-ROM


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