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Elliot and the Musical Journey is an original world-building platformer experience which uses music as the main theme.
The game features music themed levels, puzzles, music from many different musical styles like rock, jazz, and pop. We also try to incorporate new musical styles to the game every year as a challenge to ourselves and to players.
While Elliot is playing the flute to players in the game, he is actually playing the musical journey.
Elliot has been sent to the world we live in now, in search of his friend and true love, the queen. On his way there he will play the musical journey of this world and recover its lost music.
The quest that Elliot needs to do with his mate, Queen Adeline, is to solve a series of puzzles to gain the missing instruments and save the world from evil forces.
In case Elliot can’t find all the instruments from the symphony, he needs to find the young musician playing a flute and catch the notes to reach the next level.
Each level has its own unique gameplay mechanics, and every level has music created for it. The gameplay will be familiar to classic platformers, but music will come from many different musical styles.
We try to make the game playful, but at the same time challenging, and the gameplay is designed so that every player will have an opportunity to succeed even if they start with very low knowledge about the game.
The game runs very well on all modern devices, and the graphics are really nice with exceptional details, and the soundtrack is great as well.
Thank you for all your support! Your purchasing the game means a lot to us.
– Press:
Thank you so much for the positive press we have received so far! You can find the press releases here:


Features Key:

  • Key board and mouse control
  • Multi platform (Windows, Linux and Android)
  • No VR hardware1

Building Block :

  • VR Brick Drag VR Brick and brick both to move or to collide.
  • VR Brick Drop VR Brick and brick both to move or to collide.
  • VR Brick Track VR Brick to move or to collide with other brick
  • VR Brick Climbing VR Brick to move and to collide with bricks
  • VR Brick Jump VR Brick to jump or to collide
  • VR Brick Punch VR Brick to move and to collide with bricks
  • VR Brick Slide VR Brick to move and to collide with bricks
  • VR Brick Burn VR Brick to move and to collide with bricks
  • VR Brick Smash VR Brick to move and to collide with bricks

Keyboard Configuration :

  • Keyboard Key : Up/Down = Move brick Up/Down
  • Keyboard SPACE : Fire brick
  • Keyboard Down R : Push brick Down/Arrow Left/Right

Mouse Configuration :

  • Mouse Button : Up/Down = Move brick Up/Down
  • Mouse Button L : Fire brick
  • Mouse Button Up : Push brick Down


OVR Locomotion Effect : Anti-VR Motion Sickness Crack + Keygen PC/Windows [Updated] 2022

This VR app is built to help reduce motion sickness. It keeps track of the movement that you make in VR and changes certain aspects of the game to better fit your body movements and limit the motion that would cause you nausea. This can make a huge difference in how comfortable you feel in VR.
Mission Journal:
A journal where you can record a brief description of your mission.
Gameplay Trailer:
This is a short video that shows what it would be like to play the game.
More Information:
Full Site:
Discord Channel:
Steam Group:
Also, if you are interested in giving a donation for the game, then you can do so at the link below.

Donation: OPT
Bitcoin: 1Lb4JB3wCEH2aFf7fPfGmGaqQnt55nYHiP
Steam Friends:

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Original Soundtrack by Kai Rosenkranz – 18 Tracks (MP3)Tracklist:
01 – The Long Journey Home
02 – We Have A Liftoff
03 – Nothing But Little Dots
04 – Is There Anybody Out There
05 – Missing Home
06 – A Million Lightyears Away
07 – We Shouldn’t Be Here
08 – The Sound Of Fear
09 – Baby, I’m Coming Home!
10 – A Desolate Planet
11 – What Is This Place?
12 – Frozen Surface
13 – Who Built This?
14 – Hazardous Environment


OVR Locomotion Effect : Anti-VR Motion Sickness Serial Number Full Torrent Free [Latest] 2022

As a last resort if you want to pass any of the above tests, place a.3 or.5 ms strong impulse on the virtual rotation and input either “axis?right?” or “axis?left?”. These tests will determine whether or not the player is experiencing motion sickness, even if their eyes are not moving. On first occurrence, the game will prompt the player to change the calibration of their CVIs, if this does not fix the problem, and their eyes are still not moving, the problem is in the game and the first two tests are useless.
In the year 2410, the last of the Sleeper ships was discovered and destroyed, leaving Earth a desolate wasteland. Over the next several years, humanity built a new world, named Terrane. Unfortunately, when Terrane was finally ready for colonization, scientists started using Titanal, a substance that could affect the sleeping Sleeper, bringing them back to a state where they would spend the rest of their lives in the dark and unknown. As Titanal started to be used more and more, Sleeper ships started appearing again on Earth. These new Sleepers are referred to as “Sleeper Shells”. However, they are much more dangerous to humans than the original Sleepers as they don’t have a “Mind Stone” and therefore don’t respond to the Stand’s commands. They also cannot be destroyed by electricity, something that allowed the Stand to be devised.
Aquaria is a 3D adventure game where you explore the waters of Venice to find artifacts and solve puzzles. You can dive deep below the waves to discover hidden loot and discover new creatures and environments. Unlock multiple characters and diving suits to increase your underwater abilities.This DLC is a free expansion for the game. Play with 3 different characters – Leonard, Cassia, and Rodrigo: each with unique diving suits and abilities. Discover new artifacts, challenges, and environments. Discover new creatures, too! Explore the watery environment of Venice in new gameplay, taking on quests, solving puzzles, and fighting off monsters. Become a shark, seal, eel, ray, octopus, and dolphin!
Gameplay features:- All of the features from the main game, including quests, story, music and dynamic cutscenes!
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Escape the Mansion – Take on various challenges and solve puzzles to escape from the mansion and get to the exit.
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What’s new in OVR Locomotion Effect : Anti-VR Motion Sickness:

The increasing popularity of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) brings new challenges to overcome. Virtual reality is particularly suffering from severe motion sickness (MS). This happens due to the mismatch between the sensory self-motion information and the output movement (e.g. head movements). As a result, the brain gets confused. We know from previous literature that one reason is the coarse-grain disparity of the sensory cues (such as deviation) and the output (motion) of the system. When the impression of self-motion system is not accurate, e.g. because the physical motion trajectory is piecewise smooth, the mismatch can be sensed. This results in an increase of the perceived stimuli of self-motion (called visual MS, VMS) and leads to a higher likelihood to induce nausea. The brain is able to filter this faultless flow of sensory afference when natural and unstable biological sources of motion serve as referential cues.

We introduce a VR that manages this problem through a technology we call Locomotion Effect. The basic principle is to make the user remain sitting on a moving object (table). The feedback is a combination of velocity, acceleration, and rotation as they apply to the position and orientation of the user’s head. More specifically, the table is moving in the users’ point of view (e.g. on the table surface or at the table edge) with constant speed and acceleration combined with discrete rotation changes. This feedback is generated by detecting the position and orientation of the head. The determined position is a continuous variable describing the current position of the head $\mathbf{p} = (x,y,z)^\top$ in Cartesian coordinates, and the course, the speed, the rotation, and the orientation of the head $\mathbf{q} = (a,b,c,d)^\top$ in the head-fixed frame of reference. Further, orientation is specified by a quaternion $\mathbf{q} = (q_0,q_1,q_2,q_3)$ characterized by a unit vector $(q_0,q_1,q_2,q_3) = \mathbf{q} / | \mathbf{q} |$ and the quaternion axis. A quaternion is a four-dimensional vector space containing a vector $\mathbf{a} = (a_0, a_1,a_2,a_3)^\


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  • Turn off your VR glasses if you are using them
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