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PC WorkBreak represents the best way of dealing with mental stress. It can help you relax and have fun while taking breaks, either at home or on the go.
Using PC WorkBreak will turn your PC into a clock with two useful functions, which are refreshing your mind and relaxing your body.
The best is, these two features work simultaneously and not one is worse than the other.
With a 15-minute break, for instance, you can clear your mind, and then with some light exercise like walking or jogging, you will feel much more relaxed and productive.
PC WorkBreak is made by Mihal Artiman

Main features:
– Two modes (napping and relaxing)
– Very flexible planning and setting intervals. You can even set a schedule
– A memorable alarm for each
– Automatic saving of planned breaks and their times in a list
– Customizable sounds

A unique application to help you relax and recharge
It has been scientifically proven that taking a brief break now and then can make you more creative, productive and mentally stronger.
When using PC WorkBreak, you will benefit from a more efficient workflow, a more harmonious mood, improved concentration, increased productivity and a healthier lifestyle.
PC WorkBreak Description:

How would you like to recharge yourself after a hectic week at work?
How about do your whole body a few minutes of dynamic movement, like having some stretching exercises or enjoying a walk?
You can do it easily and be healthier at the same time with PC WorkBreak!
PC WorkBreak will offer you two modes: waking you up and relaxing you down.
In the first mode, PC WorkBreak will gently wake you up by changing your screen and whiteboard color, as well as play some relaxing background music, such as light instrumental or nature sounds.
When you are ready to relax, PC WorkBreak will guide you into the second mode, which is fully customizable in all aspects.
You can have three different lighting effects (flame, candle or green tea) that can be ambient, with the most suitable luminance intensity for each of your eye.
The speed of moving the animation can also be defined as slow, medium or fast.
When PC WorkBreak needs your attention or you feel like getting up, it will gently remind you by ringing a bell.
You can even set it up to play your own sound file or MP3 music.
You can even choose to turn off the power button sound.

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The application works as a tray application, and reminds you to take breaks to relax and refresh.
Main features
Reminder timer that runs in the background and plays soothing sounds.
Reminder settings such as: duration, sound, fixed day, and specific day.
Relaxing sounds, and you can choose any in your music library.
No break days, which will not be reminding you to take a break.
Create your own lists, and the application will keep track of all the breaks you dismissed or interrupted to get back to work.
Easily add your favorite sounds in the application, and can be easily removed by selecting the respective sound.

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PC WorkBreak Serial Key

– Free PC WorkBreak makes you productive even when you forget to take a break. It will add a right break button at Windows tray and remind you when it’s time to take a break.
– The reminder tone will be set up automatically. You can choose to take or skip the break by right clicking the button, and even silence the tone with “Dismiss”.
– Create a list of scheduled breaks that can remind you even at home.
– Set up different settings like break duration and even create your own break by setting “No break days”.
– Set up for different situations, with the break reminder also working for TV watching, playing games and movies.
– Use all these features in conjunction with “Wake up on sound” for even more motivation to take breaks.
– Tell people about your productivity with your own unique PC WorkBreak ID.
– Statistics are recorded so that you can view details later.
– PC WorkBreak is an universal application that works for Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.
– Portable application so you can take PC WorkBreak with you wherever you go.
– You can download PC WorkBreak for free from
– PC WorkBreak has been tested on Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
– PC WorkBreak is a free application.
– This version of PC WorkBreak requires Windows 10 Anniversary Update. If you are using Windows 7 or 8.1, please update your OS to Windows 10.
– Note: Windows Notification Service (WNS) might cause problems with downloading of this application if you have WNS disabled on your computer.
– This application was created by the same company that created PC WorkBreak App, whose functionality can be seen at www.pcworkbreak.com

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What’s New in the?

• Organise your breaks
• Schedule breaks with time intervals
• Enable/disable break reminders for one or all days
• Use a custom name for the break (break title)
• Control the frequency and duration of breaks
• Automatically play your favorite music
• Record your activity with time intervals
• Set up No-break days
• Enable multiple breaks
• Limit running time
• Disable you reminders if you are on a break.
• Save all the breaks, set them up and review.
• Take screenshots of your activity
• Show the stats of breaks taken (No. of breaks, duration of breaks, no-break days, days with no-break)Q:

How to update dictionary

I’d like to update the dictionary that stores the classes on each object. The problem I’m having is how to update the dictionary after every object has been created.
Here’s the problem:
The location of the code on jdawg’s site is:
You’ll see in “Locations of variables” that the classes dictionary is globally defined. Then the class is instantiated from the objects location. So, after every object, the objects classdict is updated.
After each object is created, I’m trying to update all the objects classes and for some reason, it won’t work. It seems like no matter how I try to update all the classes, the update doesn’t work.
P.S. I am aware that this project is too old to be modified, but I figured I’d ask anyway… I also don’t think this project has been updated in at least 7 years.


The code is in (or got pulled out of) the main project. I can’t see much wrong with it, so here’s an adaptation (not using Pybrain) which works for me:
def __init__(self, n=50, seed=42):
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System Requirements:

Cherry Smash 2 currently runs on Windows and Mac OS, so it should work fine on any system. However, some effects might not be implemented on Linux or OS X. It also takes a LOT of RAM. So you may need to turn off some effects or wait a little longer until it is released.
1. Bug Fixes
*The random number for the prizes is now always a multiple of 12.
*Fixed a bug that a player would lose a game when their cloud was split.





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