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The nation’s minister for the youth, Rajiv Shrivastava, called for efforts to increase the literacy rate, emphasised economic improvement and called for the youth to “embody the national culture”.

In an open letter in the Indian Express newspaper, Shrivastava said: “Despite the phenomenon of healthy physical growth, the majority of children are used to obscene pictures, to pornography, to vulgar abuse, and even to rape. Social attitudes do not allow them to keep a distance from these.”

Shrivastava described an epidemic of “sexually harassing behaviour” – and said the government should make the country’s laws more stringent – and proposed the education and employment of young people. But he said that if young men did not believe the law or felt empowered by the hierarchy of the country, they would disobey it.

“Many girls no longer feel safe in the streets. The conditions under which most young people live cause them to be discontented. Scarcity of jobs does not help. In this situation, crimes against the girl child are on the rise, and more girls are raped. All this has led to a rampant outbreak of sexually harassing behaviour.”

In response, India has its own Wikipedia page on how to be a true Indian husband.Q:

Boolean limit not functioning as expected

I’m attempting to work through some code written by a stranger, but I’m stuck on a line where an if statement is not functioning as expected.
There are two variables,

$car = “No”;
$reduced = $spent – $rating;

The variables have been defined as follows:

$spent – $rating – $car

In the assignment,

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