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Handcrafted for Action RPG Fans
Throughout the Lands Between, around you lies a giant realm. Its vastness is boundless. All that lies between the blustery north and the drizzly south is the Lands Between, a large world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.
The game was created using Spiderman’s engine technology, which includes OOP, massive RPG elements and a vehicle battle system. It has been held to be a title where you can freely create your own game by managing to draw you in!


Epic Story of a Warrior Who Challenges Fate
An all-new adventure awaits you as you set off to determine your fate in the Lands Between. A strong warrior obsessed with constructing your own destiny. Who could that be, and what lies in store for him?

Travel along with a Unique Friend
While exploring, you will encounter many people who are no longer your friends. Can they help or hinder you in your quest for fame? Can you find out their secrets?

Develop Your Skills and Improve Your Character!
Gain levels, and become stronger. Use your weapons and magic to engage in powerful attacks. Customize your weapons, armor, and magic, and level up to improve your skills and make the journey more exciting!

Become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between and Share the Brag of Being Best!
Champion yourself and be the best in the Lands Between! Defeat powerful bosses and gather their rewards. Then, share your accomplishments with your friends and strangers.

Defeat the Dragon!
A secret trial awaits you in a large dungeon. Can you beat the guardians and destroy the powerful red dragon that lies within?

Receive a special reward for defeating a dragon
Guaranteed to receive the title of “Dragon Killer.”

Will you advance beyond all your limits?
Become a warrior and challenge your enemy with a blade.
Prepare yourself as you fight for your life as you defend the weak, and make a powerful attack.

The game features beautiful graphics that put you right in the action.
The character GFX is close to the character of Spider-Man with its fluidity and charm.



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The fantasy world where battles are fought with the power of the Ring as your ally
  • You can freely explore and fight any of the over 80 areas unique to Elden Ring
  • As you fight, you will have actions that require skills and abilities…
  • What’s new:

    Main features:
    •• The ability to easily play alone while not being bound by the restrictions of a PvP/RTS multiplayer.
    The main screen has the Free Mode function that allows you to easily play without being immediately impacted by players around you. At the same time, the game can also be played in a more teamwork style where you can easily play with other players and share the good things you’ve achieved.

    Game Evaluation System:
    •• A new ranking system was implemented to help players start fresh.
    This new ranking system will allow you to easily recognize and reach the ranks you want in the PvP areas.

    Large number of players online at the same time:
    •• As this game is something born from the time when MMOs were the mainstream, we have increased the number of online players to accommodate as many of you as possible. During peak hours of internet traffic, the player count is around 8,000 players.

    Mutations and Item Recipes:
    •• Because this game is a new Fantasy Action RPG, in a universe where every journey is full of charm and excitement, we added three features to make your journey even more enjoyable.
    We added the feature to randomly generate Mutation items and evolution items so you will have to try your hand at evolving your items to explore the endless variety of item classes and evolution items.

    •• There are cosplays and various accessories, such as small weapons, armor, utility items, etc.
    You can exchange unwanted items with other players and even receive items that will help you get stronger. You can prepare a wide variety of cosmetics as well.

    Weapon, Armor and Utility Weapons and armor:
    •• You can see your stats and progress for each item. You can also exchange your items with other players and even receive one of their items.

    Skill Books


    Elden Ring Free For PC

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    Elden Ring Full Product Key PC/Windows

    Apache Apache

    Apache Apache: Rise and Become a Giant!

    The Elden Ring is created by 14 individuals.
    The Elder God: The body of the gods has fallen into a dormant state as its power has dissipated. It lives in an island where people once worshipped the gods. It is here that you will resolve the great mystery that has occurred in the land of the Elden Ring.
    The Land of the Elden Ring: The land of the Elden Ring is so incredibly vast that it exceeds the comprehension of our ordinary eyes.
    Ever since the Elder God’s fall, the reign of the cruel Giants has begun to extend beyond the lands and the seas. With the powers of the Elden Ring, you will guide the Elden Lords to become king.
    The Elden Ring: The Elden Ring is not the land of the Elden Ring. The islands that the Elder God lives on are part of the Elden Ring.
    If you are interested in obtaining the Old Holy Grail, then please go on.
    If you are interested in obtaining the Old Holy Grail, then please go on.
    If you are interested in obtaining the Old Holy Grail, then please go on.
    If you are interested in obtaining the Old Holy Grail, then please go on.
    If you are interested in obtaining the Old Holy Grail, then please go on.
    If you are interested in obtaining the Old Holy Grail, then please go on.
    If you are interested in obtaining the Old Holy Grail, then please go on.
    If you are interested in obtaining the Old Holy Grail, then please go on.

    Gameplay APACHE RING game:

    Apache Apache: Rise and Become a Giant!

    Boss Monster

    Igor Rogin

    The world of the online RPG ‘Apache Apache’ is undergoing a great revolution. The new beginning of the rebirth of the Savage Seas will hopefully be a shock to you, our dear player.
    “The Soul of the Mantis”
    The mantis tribe has been scattered throughout the Savage Seas. In the vast and lonely wastelands, the male mantis has a structure called the Soul of the Mantis. This is a projection of the male’s soul and it is protected by a crystal for hundreds of years.
    “Demon King”
    A source of evil is steadily growing among the monsters of the Savage Seas. A number of monsters have gathered together and are planning something. Until now, we


    What’s new:

    ○ We proudly present the first cross-play smartphone RPG featuring Doom & Blood! It is the first RPG game to connect you to others across platforms, and is a massive collaboration with Apple, Android, and other device makers! ※ Please download only from Google Play, App Store, or Amazon APP

    #◉Game NAME:

    #◉BattleromeRPG5 Cross-Game Communication, Ultralight and Call of Duty Class Ring Boss Battle Royal B&B

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    iPhone App ranking: 77,122

    The Youtube channel rankings:





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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Requires a CPU with HyperThreading and 4 GB of RAM.
    RAR requires at least Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or later (32-bit) or Windows 8 with Service Pack 1 or later (64-bit).
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