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Elden Ring Free Download is a fantasy action RPG that takes place in the Lands Between where the power of the Elden Ring, an object imbued with the power of the heavens and earth, has fallen into the wrong hands.
An unclaimed symbol that bears the power of the gods appears once every hundred years on the island of Vekta. When it appears, the world goes into chaos, and war is unleashed.
In the three kingdoms of Garam, Delgath, and Urzee, where various factions and leaders struggle for control over the symbol, you begin your journey as an unknown adventurer who finds themselves swept into the midst of a conflict the likes of which you have never seen.
Legend tells of a great hero who possesses the power to create a new, beautiful world. As the hero dons the White Cloak and places the ancient symbol on his back, he encounters a woman in distress. He then aids her in destroying the spirit of a beast that is menacing the island of Vekta, a land whose earthly elements are rapidly deteriorating. By answering the woman’s plea, “Will you help me?” the hero engages in the first of three trials, and learns of a vengeful spirit whose objective is to bring devastation to the island by awakening a terrible beast.

[ Features ]

– An Epic Fantasy World
Explore a vast world that has been warped into chaos, by a war between the three great kingdoms of Garam, Delgath, and Urzee, where various factions and factions struggle for control over the symbol. Uncover the mystery of a dark prophecy, as you strive to uncover the cause of the calamity that has befallen the world.

– A Variety of Battles –
A battle system that seamlessly combines the qualities of “Classic ARPG” and “Action RPG.”
4 different battle modes:
– Direct Battle
You take the role of the hero, who you control, and get in the middle of battle. After that, you switch to a support character as you participate in the battle.
– As-the-Hero Battle
You take the role of the hero as you fight from the front lines.
– As-the-Support Character Battle
As a support character, you call forth your allies and defend the battleground.
– As-the-Support Character Battle 2
You take the role of a support character as you strengthen your allies, who are positioned in


Features Key:

  • Includes:
    – The map of the Lands Between: in which you can see many placid lands and mysterious lands stretched out infinitely and endlessly.
    – Character Customization.
    – Character Development.
    – Many Gameplay Contents!
    – Continue endlessly across the world of Greytower.
  • Features of the NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG by SCE INC:

    • Media: HTML5 out of the box.
    • With benefits of a LAN/internet connection, you can seamlessly play anywhere.
    • Out-of-the-box automatic multiplayer (group chat and contacts with a group).
    • Real-time online play.
    • Local multiplayer play.
    • Large map with varying content, such as locations, dungeons, and characters.
    • Explore, adventure, and play as you please!
    • Original story.

    Development Team at SCE INC:

    • Development Manager: Masato Suzuki, Director Hideaki Itsuno
    • Lead Programmer: Hiroki Matsumoto
    • Lead Programmer: Naoki Yokota
    • Lead Programmer: Masayuki Atsushige
    • Lead Programmer: Yuki Tomonaga
    • Lead Programmer: Daiki Kawasaki
    • Lead Programmer: Kumiko Hiraga
    • Project Manager: Takashi Kimura
    • Project Manager: Tetsuyo Akutsu

    Release date: September 3 2016 for Android, September 4 for iOS

    English ver.:

    Making Other Worlds Live

    On September 3, 2016, everyone looks forward to the release of the new action RPG, THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG by Arika!


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    Here’s a bit of history, the game’s existence isn’t exactly recent. “Elden Ring”, “Dragon Quest”, “Final Fantasy” and “MGS” were all released in the same year, 1997. Though for me it was at the time it was released (young and stupid) I thought it was good and so was the game. But what makes me remember it was that TENNEN year, the year of Final Fantasy 7 for Playstation and Eiji Aonuma’s famous”Mystery of the Lifestream” article, which made for great gaming moments.

    So yep, 1997, for me its a memorable time and thank you Jiggawatt for reminding me of it.

    Here’s a game I have played for way too long and decided to do a top 10 list.I did not want to do a top 10 list for a game as huge as everyone makes it out to be. So my conclusion was to instead do a top 10 list for games I have played and played well.This list is in no particular order.

    10) KOTOR

    Altho some people may say KotOR and KOTOR 2 are one and the same.For me it has the same story and same characters but different plot points.But KotOR is by far the best in the series for me.Enjoy these 7 hours of fun.

    9) Tales of the Abyss

    What’s on the top 10 list without a Tales game?Of course I’m talking about the spin off of the amazing Tales of Legendia series.Many people may have the Tales of the Abyss game but for me this may just be the best in the series.The game’s introduction and dungeons will become almost rituals to me and have me playing the game for hours.

    8) Digimon World 2

    For this game the link of its inspiration is LEGEND of the Millenniumon which is a legendary game.But this Digimon game is best of all of them.Why?Well for starters your ability to raise your Digivolves is a blast to play around with.The combat of this game is done by the hand and it’s very fast and fluid.Just huge fun.

    7) Final Fantasy 7

    I still remember the final boss fight from FFX of the Flashes and creating my perfect party and exploring the towers.The game is tough but it’s a nice challenge to keep you on your toes.After FFX7


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    • GRAPHIC: Built for the PlayStation 4 (PS4).
    Characters, environments, and more have been rewritten to meet the specifications of the PS4 and give players the best possible visual quality.
    • VISUAL: Built for the PlayStation 4 (PS4).
    Updated with the PS4 hardware features.
    • Audio ELDEN RING game:
    New high-quality voice acting has been added for the entire cast.
    Distinct voices for each character.
    Visually immersive 3D sound that realistically simulates sound and position of enemies and allies.
    Friendly voices for the tutorial and items.


    This title supports the following playback modes:
    * Both the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) can be used for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) version.
    * Both the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) can be used for the PlayStation Vita version.
    * Both the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) can be used for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) version.
    * Both the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) can be used for the PlayStation Vita version.

    Card-basedRPG “Lords of the Fallen” that SEGA has been releasing in Europe since the middle of 2013. I was playing the game at that time, and I became interested in the concept of the game’s development. “Lords of the Fallen” is a role playing game that is established on the basis of the battle system of “Soul Calibur” and combines combat with the role of your character’s development.

    I decided to translate the game’s Japanese instructions and its concept documents, and started working on the game.

    At first, I created a translation for the manual that is separate from the game. I started to think about the issue of releasing the title in the future. Of course, it is necessary to translate content that is required by the game in order to be released on the market. However, there was no precedent and no demand for the game at that time. Although the game was released for many years in Japan, the Japanese version is also not currently in market.

    Because the time and budget of translation required to translate everything in order to be released on the market at that time seemed to be extremely long, I changed my thinking and decided to translate the


    What’s new:


    The NEW point'n'clock.
    Experience the multidimensional world made by smell. Turn into a smell mouse and take a journey around the world of smell.



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    1.- Use WinRAR, extract the game into the base game folder.
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