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End of the Road VR is an adventure horror game set in an atmospheric environment in a dark misty forest.
You and your friends took a trip to a cabin in the woods, and when you woke up the next morning everyone was gone. Your mission is to find out what is going on and why are you all alone. Explore the cabin and the woods using only your lantern, avoiding or running away from the dangers that lurk in the shadows.
It is not the end of the road, here in Misty Grove.
– Roam free. You can go wherever you want and explore the surroundings.
– Feel the creeps. Walk in the dark, foggy forest with or without a light source. Did you hear something?
– Beware of the monsters. Try to avoid them, but be prepared to run for your life.
– Solve the mystery. Your friends are gone but can you find them?
– Monster behavior. Different monsters act differently, that does not mean they are not dangerous.
– Real-time walking and running. This game does not have teleportation.
– Menus designed for VR. All the menus are in the game world, easy to use and keeps you immersed.
End of the Road VR releases to Oculus Home the end of March 2017.

Verizon is entering the competitive mobile business with a bang. Just days after introducing the world to the iPhone XR, the carrier is also debuting a 5G smartphone in a move that is sure to shake up the industry, before the 2018 mid-term elections.
The LG V50 ThinQ is a whopping 6.4-inch, full HD+ OLED display phone from a company that has made a name for itself with its premium devices. It’s packed with top-of-the-line hardware, including dual rear cameras and a projector mode, and it can even come in different colors (really!). The only thing that might hold this LG V50 ThinQ back from the top tier of flagship smartphones is its pricing. The device costs $1,400 for the 6GB RAM model and $1,700 for the 8GB RAM version, and it’s currently the most expensive LG phone ever.
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Slum Ball VR Tournament Features Key:

  • New Engine Comes with More Missions
  • Audio and Graphics Improvements
  • More Secure Features

Game Screenshot

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  • Stunning 3D Graphics
  • The Last Mission!
  • More Missions
  • Improved AI
  • Latest Map Repository
  • Sound and Music
  • Variety of Weaponry
  • Better Camera Controls


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A new worldview. The legendary story of Hajimari again!
To know a world’s history is not enough. You have to experience it.
The Z-day, the Guardian War, Hajimari’s destruction—all the world’s history is written in the form of a legend.
Come to know Hajimari’s hero, Hajimari, a girl who braved the destruction, and how Hajimari overcame that disaster with a vivid imagination.
Also, the true story of Hajimari’s epic quest of survival.
A great hero.
A Japanese teen boy named Shirou Emiya, along with the other kids, lives in the hospital due to a mysterious disease.
One day, he wakes up to see everyone else in the neighborhood seemingly dead, and the strange legend of the Guardian War flying in the sky has begun.
Shirou and his younger sister Yasuke follow this strange Guardian who lets them pass through several gates to reach a different world, and this place is ruled by the same nurse as in the neighborhood.
In this castle town, what is the mysterious cause of the death?
A world shrouded in mystery.
A place of wonder.
A world of battle.
A world of legends.
A world of heroism.
A tale of courage.
A tale of adventure.
A tale of glory.
Thank you for playing The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki!
This is just the beginning of the saga that will unfold.
・The Number one BEST RPG Maker XIII game
・Amazing story filled with new plot points
・Visuals similar to the golden era of gaming
・An action RPG and turn-based RPG hybrid
・An authentic-feeling and bustling town with tons of everyday items
・A vast and sprawling adventure to discover!
・An action-packed combat system with battle tactics, team skills, and many more
・A variety of death scenes in some of the most epic battles yet!
・Actual day and night system!
・Awesome sprites/backgrounds
・Party alts to use in combat and other situations
・Explore an interactive world with many sidequests
・Customize your RPG with multiple costume and weapon sets
・Craft your own equipment and take it with you on your adventure
・Many well-known heroes from various ages will appear!
・Huge Bosses!

Important Information
This game contains a work of


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VR weapons have been also included to the gameplay! Users will be able to carry a rifle with their hands, view the 3D model of the weapon and place it into their “pocket”. “Pocket” is a mechanic allowing to place any gun of the game in your pocket for long-distance shooting.
After the DLC the description will be updated with the following:
“Playable game also includes 3D model of the weapons, but they must be sold separately.”1. Mauser C962. Nagant M18954. Mosin Nagant5. Dreyse M1906S6. Colt Pocket Hammer7. Webley Fosbery8. Luger P0899. Springfield M190310. Mauser 1914 Weapons:
– Mauser C962
– Nagant M18954
– Mosin Nagant5. Dreyse M1906S6. Colt Pocket Hammer7. Webley Fosbery8. Luger P0899. Springfield M190310. Mauser 1914 – No. 1
– Mauser C962
– Nagant M18954
– Mosin Nagant5. Dreyse M1906S6. Colt Pocket Hammer7. Webley Fosbery8. Luger P0899. Springfield M190310. Mauser 1914
– Mauser C962
– Nagant M18954
– Mosin Nagant5. Dreyse M1906S6. Colt Pocket Hammer7. Webley Fosbery8. Luger P0899. Springfield M190310. Mauser 1914 – No. 2
– Mauser C962
– Nagant M18954
– Mosin Nagant5. Dreyse M1906S6. Colt Pocket Hammer7. Webley Fosbery8. Luger P0899. Springfield M190310. Mauser 1914
– Mauser C962
– Nagant M18954
– Mosin Nagant5. Dreyse M1906S6. Colt Pocket Hammer7. Webley Fosbery8. Luger P0899. Springfield M190310. Mauser 1914 – No. 3 UNPUBLISHED



What’s new:

    The Who-Double-Pattern.

    (Note: This is the second half of a two-part article. Click here to read Part One. This article is best read in conjunction with Part One.)

    Who is the better boxer, Oscar De La Hoya or Floyd Mayweather?

    Oscar De La Hoya, for some reason, was the more active and competitive boxer during the 1990’s. Today, he has been retired from the ring since 2004, and has only coached the young disciples of his Gym at Hollywood. Floyd Mayweather Jr. On the other hand, Mayweather is the younger brother of the man who had the best career on any level. Still going strong at 44 years old, Mayweather has become the unbeaten man in the sport of boxing today, and has made billions of dollars from it.

    Who would win in a boxing match, Manny Pacquiao or Oscar De La Hoya?

    Both sports pundits in recent years have been fast to claim that, although either would not want to fight Mayweather, after three or four fights, Manny Pacquiao would give one hell of a fight. This is being said by people that have seen Pacquiao fight numerous times in the past decade.

    One night ago, in one of his early fights, Pacquiao was viciously knocked to the ground by Ortiz. When he was a child, boxing was defined by power and aggression, but that is gone. Boxing today is more clinical and technical. In one of his first fights, he suffered the first questionable no-knock loss to Shane Mosley. That was a terrible decision by a noob judge who has since recused himself from the case. Many say this refereeing was because of racial sentiments. I myself am glad that she was removed from the case.

    On the other hand, Oscar De La Hoya was fighting again after having been retired for over 4 years. In the first fight when he was a man, he was 17-0. His fights up to the age of 21 are some of the best boxing matches of all time. The last of those fights, though, was against Patrick Cote, who was only 6’2″. Oscar, fighting taller than any fighter he has ever faced, stopped him in 4 rounds.

    Also, in those same 4 years, Oscar De La Hoya has suffered only 5 defeats- all of them devastating knockouts, and 1 of them something he may not ever recover from. At 44 years of age,


    Free Slum Ball VR Tournament [32|64bit]

    The siege has broken! Dunbar has fallen, for good. Your heroes and NPCs will have to put their differences aside and work together to raid the Goblin Lair and attempt to rescue the missing research team. Can they live up to their nickname: The Mighty Band of Heroes?
    The heroes of Dunbar will need all their wits to defeat the monsters inside the Goblin Lair. The brave Knights, Rogue and Bard will face vicious ogres and evil cultists and adventurers, and will need to utilize all their skill to survive. Meanwhile, the NPCs will have to combine forces and prepare for the raid. They’ll need to find ways to survive while fighting the monsters and breaking in. The weak, the foolish and the cowardly will not be able to survive much longer.
    The Goblin Lair is essentially a wide dungeon with several levels. Each level is divided up by dungeon layout: crawl spaces, upper level rooms and an open-style platform that provides a view of the underground’s inner workings.
    The halls and rooms will be randomly generated, featuring tiled floor, burnable oil, stone, crumbling ceilings and crumbled walls. The random generation will give the table the freedom to generate an infinite number of dungeon levels. It also adds a bit of variety to the dungeon, which can be varied. The dungeon levels are free-standing, and can be incorporated into the campaign as well.
    The random generation method also means that none of the dungeon levels can be mapped out by the table-top GM in advance. This gives the tables freedom to create random dungeons that may not be entirely logical. This will also make the GM use his or her creativity, which will add to the game.
    – A wide randomly-generated dungeon, with numerous floors.
    – Dungeon layout: Crawl spaces, upper level rooms and a viewing platform.
    – Random item generation.
    – Random Dungeon generation for endless variation.
    – Totally free to play!
    – Instant download.
    – Includes: Table of Contents, a Dungeon Map, and a Tutorial Guide.
    How to use Monster Lair #4: Goblin Raiding Camp:
    To use this PDF, extract the contents (usually zip or rar files) into a folder on your computer.
    For options to download the PDF in different size and version, check the FAQ!
    1. In Fantasy Grounds (or Free-to-Play via the iBase standard interface), create a new game.
    2. In the Game tab, open “Project Options” and select


    How To Crack:

  • GameFantasy Grounds – Trolls, Lizardmen and Rockmen Characters (Token Pack) created on: 14-03-2014
    Version number: beta
    Installer: portable installer
    License files: txt-rs-gdl
    You may use for free any time.
    Torrent links:
    WEBMD3 – Fantasy Grounds – Trolls, Lizardmen and Rockmen Characters (Token Pack), Torrent Exe – GameFantasy Grounds – Trolls, Lizardmen and Rockmen Characters (Token Pack)

By Savic

Savic have released, some time ago the new (ver. 0.3 beta), version of GameFantasy Grounds – Trolls, Lizardmen and Rockmen Characters (Token Pack) . This version is almost unrippable.

This new version is a major update with a lot of fixes and new features 🙂

People who have already

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP2 / Windows 7 SP1
CPU: Pentium 4 or equivalent processor
RAM: 512MB
It’s been over a decade since we first introduced Farming Simulator to you, the player. The franchise is still going strong and we still take pride in our very successful game series.
In our aim to provide you with the very best experience, we also continuously work on Farming Simulator with the goal to improve the game.
In this update, we have introduced a


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