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“Bakumatsu Renka” is a turn-based RPG developed by Japanese developer dksin2,
based on the Japanese manga series “Masquerade of the Moon” (陽明の禅寺万屋).
It is a new experience of the turn-based RPG genre featuring the “reverse” combat system;
B-Spin, turns are arranged such that the player who has more HP wins the battle,
and thus the game is played in the reverse of the usual RPG formula.
In its original Japanese version, you cannot play “Bakumatsu Renka” while watching a movie.
In order to play “Bakumatsu Renka” together with your friends in a room, you need to
download the “Steam Family Sharing” to have
the file “” (22.5MB) included.
【プレミアムバンダイ プレミアム初音声】
・Nico100 (CV. Masashi Hijikata) and Nico200 (CV. Seiichiro Kōmoto)
・Inverted Royal (CV. Chiaki Matsumoto) and Princess (CV. Aya Hisakawa)
・Living Royal (CV. Fuka Kuwahara) and Queen (CV. Kaoru Mizuhara)
-Other Character Voices
・Nico100 (CV. Masashi Hijikata) and Nico200 (CV. Seiichiro Kōmoto)
・Living Royal (CV. Kaoru Mizuhara) and Queen (CV. Fuka Kuwahara)
・Ren-ka-chan (CV. Yuka Komatsu)
・Morita-san (CV. Tsubasa Imai)
・Natsu (CV. Eri Suzuki)
・Princess (CV. Aya Hisakawa)
・Saya (CV. Kanako Kobayashi)
・Shizuka (CV. Mieko Haneishi)
・Yota (CV. Shohei Matsuoka)
-Outline of the Game
・Play as Saya, a high school student who is interested in young men
・Play as Shizuka, a girl who lives in Saya’s neighborhood
・Fight against the evil “H


Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Game Soundtrack
  • Control Panel UI
  •  this sound track we hope will be useful for you in your work at every stage of the development of your next video game.

    This is only a sample of the music we recorded for the game. Many more tracks are in the game.



    • Game Soundtrack
    • Control Panel UI
    • MIDI FL Studio 10 (This product uses the native OSX MIDI Track for recording and playback)

    List of Games that we have played in our studio:

    • Yi – Unity Game Engine
    • Civilization
    • Not a game
    • Max Payne
    • Bakumatsu renka
    • Sinking Ship?

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us here:



    Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI Soundtrack Download

    Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI is an anime series. The anime tells the story about a new type of shogun, who wins in the war against the imperial army of Japan. The drama, honor, and fighting.
    “Bakumatsu Renka” will be organized by Novatech in October 2008.
    The schedule will be as follows:
    (release date and episode)
    October 26th, 2008 – Ep. 1
    November 30th, 2008 – Ep. 2
    December 28th, 2008 – Ep. 3
    January 30th, 2009 – Ep. 4
    February 27th, 2009 – Ep. 5
    March 27th, 2009 – Ep. 6
    April 24th, 2009 – Ep. 7
    *Bakumatsu Renka is a collaboration project of Novatech and Megadrive*
    ▼Game Overview
    ※Market name: Bakumatsu Renka”
    At the end of the 19th century Japan, the young shogunate of Kagoshima Prefecture, signs the ren-ka treaty with the Great Britain. It promises British navy to conquer Japan.
    How the young shogun, Sakamoto Ryoma will cooperate with the British ambassador, Lord Okubo.
    The Ryoma and the Okubo battle is now the main story.
    ※A new type of shogun, who won in the war against the imperial army of Japan.
    ※1. Stage structure
    The battles in this game was completely real-time.
    The missions in this game were greatly designed by the historical characters.
    A battle system of ‘Bakumatsu Renka’ was also greatly designed by the historical characters.
    ▼User Interface
    ※(1) System and Goal of this game
    ▼A Story of a young shogun
    ▼A Story of a young shogun
    The first mission is located in Kagoshima Prefecture.
    This mission is to destroy the British fleet at Inasa Island.
    Ryoma fights the game with ten thousand soldiers and a privateer fleet.
    He manages to conquer the western coast of Higo Province.
    However, he also loses his troops due to a fog and the fate of the war.
    Ryoma manages to defeat a British admiral at Inasa Island.
    The other British fleets head home to England.
    At that time, Nagasaki port was controlled by the han of Chikuzen Province.



    Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI Soundtrack Crack Activator Free

    *What is this game series?*
    “Bakumatsu” means 1868 in Japan, this series is about the events during 1868 in Edo Japan.
    *What is this soundtrack?*
    This soundtrack features the songs used in the video game “Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI”!
    *What is the official website?*

    *How can I support?*
    Visit the website & get promotional codes and other things!
    This game is not endorsed by or directly affiliated with any of the creators of this franchise. We are proud to bring you this official soundtrack created for the game series, but this is not an official soundtrack. We promote this game because we are fans of the franchise but this is not an endorsement from us. For anything related to this game, please check the official website! All of the music and song rights belong to their rightful owners.
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    What’s new:

      Much like Versailles, Bakumatsu Renka is where you’ll find a lot of impenetrable, opaque floating text. In lieu of the well-oiled authorship of Versailles, however, there is something kind of fun about tracking down information on what exactly is going on in this game and who else is involved.

      For example, I was intrigued enough to learn this was ostensibly developed by Kamataki Works, a company formed in 2013 by Takumi Sato, an ex-Vocaloid composer and cast of Touhou, who also runs the Composer of the Universe Yuzuko-chan blog. If you’re familiar with Anime Composers, you might have heard of him. His best-known works are likely Big Bang R youma, Ano Shitaku no Daibakuhikata, and A Healthy, Well-Being, Mi-Otose and People on the Road – all of which I have unfortunately never played.

      And then there’s Ichigo Midori, who apparently went by Tomodachi Teppi on Twitter before she popped up writing some songs for Bakumatsu Renka.

      The rest of the team is a bit more mysterious, most people who claim to have worked on the soundtrack are still making it clear that they only worked on a single track before moving onto something else, like on the Ame no Wakuseizashi (血を詰めつけず) waka song that has since been replaced by the Touhou one-woman project, A Kurosaki. There is a whiff of some kind of underground parallel universe in moving from the rather cold and almost hidden music of Reimu to a project like Bakumatsu Renka. Maybe I am merely projecting my own sympathies onto people with actual feelings?

      The specific copyright for all of these songs belongs to Izumimori Aya. As far as I can tell, she does all of the vocalizing on the soundtrack.

      As for the rest of the music itself, all I have are the first five songs. There’s no information out there about the rest of the compilation and I’d love to have more. I think it’s a shame that the string of collaborations has ended so abruptly, but at least we have Izumimori Aya to fall back on.

      Izumimori A


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    Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI Soundtrack

    Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI

    Bakumatsu Renka

    Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI


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