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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
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Rating 4.82 / 5 ( 561 votes )
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Fantasy-themed action RPG where players fight alongside and against an immersive cast of a wide variety of lifeforms including witches, wizards, vampire knights, and other non-player characters.

Delivering a sense of freshness to the online fantasy RPG genre, the game features a new turn-based combat system, rich lifeforms, and a wide range of magical items.

Enjoy a seamless multiplayer experience that can seamlessly connect to other players and travel together, as well as an asynchronous online experience unique to the game.


• Witchfire is currently available in a closed beta test.

Witchfire is a fantasy-themed action RPG where players fight alongside and against an immersive cast of a wide variety of lifeforms including witches, wizards, vampire knights, and other non-player characters.


– New Turn-Based Action Combat that Can Be Played in Offline

The main story is divided into chapters, each of which features several boss battles. The battle system is fully turn-based and is performed during the auto battle sequence in the Field Map.

– Rich Character Customization

Character design, including your appearance and the appearance of the gender-matched sibling, is fully customizable.

– Freely Combining Elemental Weapons and Magic

Using magic, you can freely combine the Elemental weapons and magic that you equip, selecting at least one from a variety of different kinds of magic.

– An Evolving and Rich Story Full of Characters

The story features several characters that keep advancing the theme of the game, and experiences that accompany them. There are also numerous kinds of suspenseful events that will have you on the edge of your seat.


Cyprion and Simium are both old school game developers who have developed games on a range of platforms. With a mixture of over 30 years in the video game industry and 10 years in working as a streamer, they are also the captains of the Shinsekai – a hugely popular group of streamers in Japan.




Elden Ring Features Key:

  • More than 100 events every day. By collecting event keys and entering them into the game, you will be able to obtain many materials and event leaders, allowing you to further customize your character.
  • Control over multiple characters: In addition to your primary character, up to a total of three secondary characters can be created. By building up your new characters’ skills, items, and runes, you can play differently than your primary character and feel different emotions!
  • Powerful combos based on your actual strength: You will face enemies more powerful than your actual strength. By gaining special Elder experience points based on the power of your attacks, much more powerful runes and powerful skill scrolls will appear in your inventory, allowing you to use the individual strength of your characters in real battles, and finally defeat impossible opponents. 
  • Catalysts of Runes and Skill Scrolls. Via a test at the end of each time slot, use a Player Skill and an event to force the replenishment of runes and scrolls. Where normal runes/scrolls only fill up at the end of a test, you may strike a decisive blow by mastering these skills and using them during battle. This chance only comes up one time during every test session. If a player can not overcome their difficulty, it will be replaced with one that is slightly easier.
  • Elden Kingdom Features:

    • Explore a vast world full of excitement: 
    • Uncover a world with a familiar beauty and sublime landscape:
      – Adventurers quest throughout a vast world full of fields, plains and valleys!
    • An epic drama full of excitement: a multilayered tale of courage and heroism in the Lands Between…
      – A bewitching story woven from a rich tapestry of multiple themes, chronicling the conflict between Tragic and Heroic Destiny…
    • Many gameplay elements: 
    • You will be able to play the game alone or in a network with up to four other players. The same game


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      ■ About the Elden Ring:

      Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG set in the lands between the world of Glaeben and the other world. It is a game where you play the story of a Tarnished who has been drawn in a game.

      ■ About the Drakkon Belt, the main character:

      Tarnished is a Tarnished who has been drawn in a game. The Tarnished character who is the main character of the game inherits the Drakkon Belt and travels to a new world. The main character has the power to use three types of weapons and a variety of magic that is applied with the given keywords. Along the way, you will gradually form your character as you go through various situations and regions.

      ■ About the Gilden Steppe, the main setting:

      The Gilden Steppe lies between the two worlds Glaeben and another world, and has various situations such as monsters, dungeons, and people. The Gilden Steppe has over 120 towns and villages, and is divided into three different lands.

      ■ About the Lands Between, the world where Tarnished travels:

      The Lands Between is a world in which the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water intertwine and manifest their power, and which is free from the influence of a deity. The Lands Between has an enormous world that is inaccessible from the Gilden Steppe, and is divided into three different regions in which you can find different enemies and


      Elden Ring [2022-Latest]

      ▶Accomplishments for making friends
      Achievements have been added for completing the following tasks.
      1. Complete a world with the highest level boss (10,000).
      2. Join a party with 25 of your friends (20,000).
      3. Find a link to your friend’s world (20,000).
      4. Reach the end of a dungeon and defeat a boss (15,000).
      5. Defeat an enemy with a specific name (20,000).
      6. Reach the end of the world with your party (20,000).
      7. Defeat a boss with a specific name in your world (15,000).
      8. Reach the end of the world with your party (10,000).
      9. Defeat an enemy with a specific name in your world (15,000).
      10. Defeat a boss with a specific name in a party of 25 (20,000).

      ▶In-game currency
      The in-game currency for all worlds has been adjusted.
      1. Coins have increased by 3 times.
      2. Gold has increased by 2 times.

      ▶The World for the Elder
      The world of the Elder has been remade.
      1. The nature of the Elder’s mysterious continent has been unveiled.
      2. Four new areas have been added to the world.
      3. Monsters, quests, and crafting have been added to the world.
      4. The world’s end has been redesigned to make it more interesting.
      5. The Temple of the Elder has been remodeled.
      6. Various improvements have been made to make the world more interesting.
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      What’s new in Elden Ring:


      Main Homepage : ‘s Blade

      Download :,

      We have a blog about Getting Started with Pikmin

      Some pictures from a quick run through at Kinect Access  

      Internet Speed Test = 3.5 MiB/s 🙂

      Played with Kinect orientation is all off, so I
      could play the game but play flat on the ground for most of it.
      I did do some tricks that I’m looking for to be improved,
      they will be added and updated. That’s the way it goes down,
      easier to stick to what is already working, the priority is
      visibility, otherwise it will be a mess.

      I did not finish the tutorial because I started
      to feel “threatened” by the movement rules, so I decided to
      stick with an older version,


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      How To Crack:

    • Unzip the installation folder on the SD card;
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    • Rename the folder’s name to “data.exe”, and then drag the folder to the Home screen. (If you rename the folder to the original name “data”, it is easy to understand that this is a trial version, so that you will think it has not been cracked)
    • After the above operation, the installation folder will also be removed.
    • Please restart the touch screen, and you can start the installation.
    • After start, you need to input your GamePass, and then login with your linked GamePass account to continue.
    • You can purchase additional enhanced features by downloading the in-app paid content from the game and input the in-app purchased content during the purchase process.
    • Congratulations, your trial version of Elden Ring is successfully activated.

    After you activate your trial version, if you activate, you can select the period of registration to activate. This activation needs to be completed in ten days and can be activated at any time.
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    1. Time Limit~Continue.

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    3. Memory Limit~To ensure sufficient memory for game control and better stability. Although game speed is relatively slow after the application, the longer it takes to complete, the more time you have taken to purchase additional data and so


    System Requirements:

    These instructions are for Windows XP. However, they should work on other operating systems too. The instructions are easy enough to follow, but if you have trouble, you can always jump to the installation video. Also, if you have a problem with any of the steps, you can refer to the installation video for assistance.
    NVIDIA video card drivers for your video card.
    Windows XP.
    Booting Linux from a USB drive.
    Download the installer and uncompress the ZIP archive to your desktop. You can name it ‘Sims2’


    Additional Information

    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher Admin
    Format File
    Rating 4.82 / 5 ( 561 votes )
    Update (15 days ago)


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